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Cellofoam is the leader in the rotomolded products, and rotational molding industry. With years of experience in the rotational molding, you can rest assured that our dedicated team of rotational molding product experts can help launch your idea into the marketplace. Cellofoam has developed everything from dock floats to heavy-duty transport parts and has the experience you need to meet the unique challenges associated with developing your new product. 

Our committed team of custom rotational molding product professionals will help you through every step of the product development cycle. We will be there from start to finish, offering expert assistance in:

Concept development
Design and Specifications

Benefits of Rotational Molding

The following are just a few of the benefits rotational molding offers your new product:
  • Custom Design: Greater flexibility of size and style, reinforced ribs, complex contours, molded threads, flanges, special fittings, or graphic inserts.
  • Uniform Wall Thickness: Absorbs shocks, especially in corners and stress areas.
  • Low-Cost Tooling: Economical method to produce small or large custom production runs that may require unusual configurations.
  • Simultaneously Mold Multiple Components into Single Part: Reduces part count as well as manufacturing time and costs.
  • Lighter Weight than Fiberglass or Metals: Reduces shipping costs and design tolerance requirements.
  • Color Matched Resins Available: Eliminates color chipping, maintenance, and the need to paint.
  • Polyethylene and Other Resin Options: Provide UV-stabilized, tough, longer-lasting, and corrosion, and chemical resistant products.
  • Seamless Hollow Wall Parts: Provide superior strength and the ability to foam inside the walls for additional strength, rigidity, insulation, and/or flotation. Both expanded polystyrene (EPS) and urethane foaming are available.
  • Shorter Time to Production: Can get new products to market faster and more economically.
Contact Cellofoam's custom rotational molding division to learn how we can address the requirements of value, quality, and service to help you meet - and exceed - the expectations of your customers and help you get started on your next rotational molding project!

Custom Rotomolding and Rotational Molding Services: Turnkey Operations

If you are looking for a turnkey solution for your rotomolding needs, Cellofoam is ready to assist! From concept and design to finished product, we have decades of experience bringing ideas from their beginning phases all the way through to the marketplace. Our rotational molding staff will work with you through every step of the process, including:

Design and Concept
Rotomolding and rotocasting
Mold fabrication
Foam Filling
Logo and branding implementation
Shipping and packaging 
Tool building
Metal to Plastic conversion
Testing and quality assurance

If you are looking for a turn key rotomolding and rotational molding solution, look no further! Give our helpful rotomolding team a call!

Learn more about our rotational molding products and services!

Rotational Molding: Industries and Products

Rotational molding - also known as rotocasting and rotomolding - is a process whereby pre-measured plastic resins are placed into a custom-designed mold, allowing for the creation of hollow parts or other custom-built parts/goods. 

Across the world, industries of all shapes and sizes have come to depend on Cellofoam's rotational molding and rotocasting expertise. For a more in-depth look out our rotomolding process, check out our rotational molding page, which also delves into the benefits of rotational molding and some of its features. 

Custom Rotational Molding: Agriculture Products

Cellofoam is proud to service America's heartland by providing custom agriculture rotomolding products that help keep farming equipment running at peak efficiency, while, at the same time, retaining an amount of durability you would expect in heavy-duty machinery. Just a few examples of agricultural products you can find our rotational molding include gas/diesel fuel tanks, hydraulic tanks, seeder tanks, HVAC systems, vehicle fenders, equipment air ducts, and corn header assembly units - to name but a few!

Custom Rotational Molding: Transportation Products

Cellofoam has partnered with numerous businesses in the transportation industry to help design, develop, and produce custom rotational molding and rotocasting offerings for use in the transport process and transportation industry as a whole. Every rotomolded part we supply to our partners is created with the strictest compliance, regulatory standards, and sector guidelines in mind - you should expect nothing less from the rotational molding leader!

From design and implementation to research and testing, our rotational molding experts can help produce any product you might need, including tanks (fuel, gasoline, diesel, hydraulic, and others), HVAC system parts, dashboards, fenders, air duct equipment, and more.

Custom Rotational Molding: Marine Products

In addition to the other industries that we offer rotomolding services and products for, Cellofoam is proud to include the marine industry amongst our partners. With a focus on lightweight, high durability, corrosion resistance, and seamless manufacturing, our marine rotational molding processes are among the best in the world. From yacht and boat parts to markers, buoys, kayaks, and canoes, Cellofoam has helped develop, design, and manufacture virtually every marine product available on the market today!

Custom Rotational Molding: Material and Bulk Material Handling Products

Cellofoam is one of the industry leaders when it comes to rotational molding products for the material handling industry. Utilizing the latest, proprietary rotocasting technology, we supply highly durable, impact-resistant, and cost-effective containers for use in shipping applications, no matter the size or type of good being shipped. From concrete, sand, and mortar containers to storage units for biofuels and traditional fuels, you can rest assured that we have a rotomolding solution fit for your material handling needs - and if not, we will design one to your exact specifications!

Custom Rotational Molding: Packing and Shipping Products

Cellofoam is known around the world for our high quality, yet affordable packaging and shipping products. In addition to our traditional packaging alternatives - such as our expanded polystyrene foam packages and EPS shippers - we also offer custom package design via our rotational molding services. No matter the size, shape, weight, or type of good you need to ship, we can help you design a packaging option to ensure your product will arrive in perfect condition and remain safe through the handling, transportation, and storage process. Our rotocasting process allows us to handle any type of container and cushioning materials you may need, including shippers for pharmaceuticals, cold and hot food goods, sensitive and fragile electrical components, and more!

Custom Rotational Molding: Portable Enclosures, Refuse, and Holding Tanks

Rounding out our custom rotational molding products and services, we also offer the ability to create portable enclosures, refuse containers, and holding tanks for a whole host of storage purposes, including fuels, sand, biofuels, concrete - you name it, and we can design it!

Cellofoam Rotational Molding, and Rotomolding

If you want to learn more about our rotational molding, rotomolding, or rotomolding services, give one of our friendly experts a call and see how we can help! From design to implementation, you can count on Cellofoam to have a custom rotational molding solution for your next project!

Rotomolding and Rotational Molding Services: Metal to Plastic Conversion

More and more, businesses around the globe are turning to plastics over metals for their manufactured parts. With a long history of working with plastics during the rotomolding process, Cellofoam is in a unique position to help your company convert from metal to plastic, no matter what type of part, container, or good you rely on for your business to function.

There are many benefits to converting from metal to plastic as most OEM manufacturers are aware. From product improvements and cost reduction, to streamlining manufacturing processes, the future of manufacturing is clearly pointed towards the plastic resin revolution. Featuring less friction and high-impact strength, today's plastic is comparable to metal offerings in durability, yet more lightweight and less prone to wear and tear.

Want to learn more about rotomolding and metal to plastic conversion? Contact one of our rotomolding experts today!

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